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Finally, a story about a grass-eating boy’s  konkatsu experience has become a TV show in Japan. A new TV show called Konkatsu! (婚カツ!) started airing since April 20th. It’s on Fuji TV (channel 8 in Tokyo) on Monday from 21:00.

The plot is something like this: Kuniyuki Amamiya is the unemployed son of a tonkatsu restaurant owner (get it? they are playing with the word Konkatsu and tonkatsu (deep fried pork) LoL ). Kuniyuki is a typical “grass-eating boy” and  is not particularly interested in dating or getting married.  Seeking a way to escape his family responsibility to take over his father’s restaurant business, he seeks for a job. He eventually finds a job that requires a married person (a local government officer responsible for countermeasures to the falling birthrate, how ironic), so he lies by saying that he has plans to marry, and he is forced to keep up the charade by starting a konkatsu experience. His unmotivated pursuit for Harun Hida,  a part-time worker from the restaurant is the key of this romantic comedy, though the series also focuses on family and friendship through Kuniyuki’s interactions with the other characters.

Essentially, the drama is simply about the awakening of grass-eating boy to the beauty of love and marriage. But it also shows all the konkatsu activities that Japanese people currently practice. Might be interesting if you have been reading my blog! But don’t expect it to be too good, I’ve watched it and…. well… I much prefer to watch sex and the city lol

More information on Fuji TV website:http://wwwz.fujitv.co.jp/kon-katsu/index.html


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