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Da-mens is a combination of two words “da-me” (not good) and men. Da-mens refers to uneligible, loser guys.

The word was first invented by comic book artist Mayumi Kurata in her work “ Damens Walker” (can’t help falling in love with losers) which was later developed into a TV show. Both the comic book and the TV show is about various hilarious relationship stories between a beautiful girl and loser guys: Maria (Norika Fujiwara) and Natsu (Yu Yamada) are both single, attractive, and beautiful women who work as a secretary for the top executives. Although they are more than qualified to seek for the best man in town, they always end up falling for the worst losers… who cheat, ask for money, lie, won’t work, etc.

Meny who are classified as “Da-mens” in Japanese society tend to…

  • be mama’s boy (overinfluenced by their mother)
  • be poor
  • be abusive (domestic violence)
  • have mythomane (habitual lying)
  • have sex addiction
  • be habitual cheater
  • work for chain referral business
  • NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)
  • have extravagant spending habits
An example of da-mens: Otaku, nerdy nerd

An example of da-mens: Otaku, nerdy nerd

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From the Western perspective, what goes on in the Japanese dating scene is really different and interesting! In this shy nation of Japan, meeting new people is almost institutionalized, dating and romance is littered with conventions that protect people from social awkwardness. What are dating conventions and rules in Japan? How do the shy Japanese people meet new people, develop affection, and express their passion? As I research and answer these question, I will write a real time report of what's going on in the Tokyo dating scene, or the "Tokyo Meet Market" here in this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and a trip around Tokyo Meet Market with me!

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