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Sorry, it seems I have not written in a while… but it’s because I was on strike! I didn’t want to go to any more gokon, I didn’t want to go on any more bad dates, and I didn’t want to huddle on cell phones wondering how I can write cute and demure text message so I can go on more bad dates…

Instead, I have been spending my time stralling down Tokyo shopping streets buying insane amount of spring collection, jumping up and down to techno music in dance clubs, spending some quiet time with parents, watching season 3 and 4 of sex and the city drinking wine,… and seeing “foreigner boys” (in the insular country of Japan, anyone outside of Japan, especially Caucasian people are referred as “forgeingers”)

Oh how great it is to be with normal decent men who knows about life outside of Japan, who has a perspective on things, who are open to sharing thoughts and ideas, who can flirt smoothly in real life not just over cell-phone text messages, who are working to enjoy life (not controlled by work life), who are open to talking about what is considered “difficult topics” (in Japan) like¬† life perspecitves, religion , philosophy, politics, economy!! It feels like I’m a fish back in the ocean! It’s great to remind myself that there are men in the world who consider women with sense of humor, intelligence, and wit as attractive! And they are not afraid to express their attraction!

Now I realized how suffocated I felt being in the TMM, trying to hide my good qualities and instead, developing demureness and cutieness, hinting that someday I would make a great wife and a monther. Yes, that is it. The key to success in the Tokyo Meet Market is how women present their potential skill as a future wife and a mother. The men really don’t show much interest in qualities that are not required for wife and a mother. In fact, they are not even curious about how I think of the world or the values I have for my life, they just want to know if the women can cook. And they don’t ask any questions,¬† instead, they just want to see how well I listen to them complain about their work, to see if I’d make a great careing considerate wife someday when they come home from a hard day at work… but I don’t want to be their mother or wife… just wanna be a girlfriend to have good time with….

So… as you see… after 3 months in the TMM…. I was getting pretty exhausted… and I was on strike. But now I want to see… what it would be like to go to gokon and be myself? For the past 3 months, I have been putting efforts trying to be disguise myself as a Japanese woman… but may be I will change my approach from now, just trying to be myself, the Japanese + American girl that I am and see how the Japanese men react? Then I might attract different type of men…

OK then, it will be the end of the strike, I’m going back in the market. Look forward to next report on American-approach in TMM


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