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On Wednesday, A Shibuya-based dot-com venture CyberAgent launched a free mobile SNS, named “Otokonoko Bokujo (a.k.a. Otoboku)” meaning boys pasture, targeting females in konkatsu (marriage-hunt). “Boys pasture” was setup to promote communication among women and to help them through the tough road of konkatsu.

This website “Boys pasture” is stirring up controversy among the internet bloggers and the media. The site has been highly criticized for allowing females to treat males as livestock. The website is essentially a cattle fair for eligible bachelors.  Much of the criticism mention it is immoral to represent males by animal icons of cows, horses and lambs.

CyberAgent has defended “Boys pasture” explaining that the site title was named after the recent boom for  grass-eating boys. They report that none of their male employees felt the site title was inapropriate,  the service supervisor judged it was cleared for launch. The company is now taking account of renaming the title.

So what is this “Boys pasture” about?

This konkatsu site allows female users to upload profiles of their male friends. Then the female members can evaluate the profiles of other female users’ male friends as if they are cattles or horses.  This is how it works:

  1. a female user signs up for an account of the service
  2. she will upload portraits and profiles of her male friends to her own “virtual pasture” set up on the site The registered men appear as horses, cows and sheeps in the virtual “farm”
  3. she can categorize each of her male friends by his characterestics like flirty / tough, and carnivorous / herbivorous depending on how aggressively he approaches to a female and each of the male friends is represented by an animal icon such as a horse or cow (which may make you think that males are being treated as livestock bred by females
  4. when a female user makes connections with her female friends on the site, they will be allowed to browse portraits and profiles of eachother’s male friends

The website is also under attack for its privacy protection issues. Because the portraits and the profiles of a female user’s male friends are uploaded and browsed by female users, without the males approval.

I’m wondering if I should express how I personally feel about this site since I have so much to say about it….  sigh…


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