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Gyaku-nan literappy means reversed nanpa. Since Nanpa is boys hitting on girls, the reversed situation, gyaku-nanpa (often shorted as gyaku-nan) refers to girls hitting on guys. It happens, but for obvious reasons, it is far less common than regular nanpa, but perhaps with a higher success rate than nanpa?

Just as nanpa, gyaku-nan tends to occur on busy streets and other lively public places. Young women stand at the edge of the street and watch passing men. When a man strikes a woman’s fancy, she typically starts a conversation wit him. Unlike nanpa, where the men invites women to a cafe or karaoke bar, Gyaku-nan does not necessary involve women inviting him for a date. The women just start a casual flirtation by starting a conversation.


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From the Western perspective, what goes on in the Japanese dating scene is really different and interesting! In this shy nation of Japan, meeting new people is almost institutionalized, dating and romance is littered with conventions that protect people from social awkwardness. What are dating conventions and rules in Japan? How do the shy Japanese people meet new people, develop affection, and express their passion? As I research and answer these question, I will write a real time report of what's going on in the Tokyo dating scene, or the "Tokyo Meet Market" here in this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and a trip around Tokyo Meet Market with me!

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