Welcome to Tokyo Meet Market

J-boys guide

Welcome to Tokyo Meet Market where 8 types of J-boys await for your companionship

The 8 animals illustrated above represent the 8 types of Japanese boys in the current Tokyo Meet Market, according to Love-consulting guide available in Ozmall. Let’s explore these 8 different types of J-boys together!

Let me remind you first that there are supposedly, 2 big categories of J-boys: Hervibory and carnivorous. Men are first categorized based on their attitude, eagerness, and aggressiveness in getting what they want… including women. Within each category, there are 4 types of J-boys.

Carnivorous J-boys

Hunter from a far

Characteristic: Due to lack of experience and confidence, he places himself far from the battlefield but always on the look for his ideal lover

Habitat: Konkatsu parties and gokon

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. Casual touch. He is shy and bad at conversation. Nonverbal flirting body language implies your affection for him
  2. He is more attracted to “normal girls” than impressive beauties. Casually talk to him about your every day problems and issues at work.
  3. Approach him because he’s not comfortable to do so himself. Text him, call him and let him know you are interested

Bubbly Gentleman

Characteristic: Passionate King of all beasts who appreciate flattery more than anything in the jungle

Habitat: Night-scene in Roppongi, Akasaka

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. He loves talking about his glorious past. Make sure you flatter him and show how impressed you are!
  2. His pride and success stories are his armor to protect his ego. Limit your success stories in the conversation
  3. He also has his weaknesses that you must accept and forgive.

The player

Characteristic: He gets so many girls that he cannot decide one — hence always a single, always a playa

Habitat: With bling blings in fashionable Ginza, Aoyama, Azabujuban

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. Let him play and let him go out. He is free spirited and you cannot restrain him
  2. He will not listen to girls but will listen to his friends. Maintain a good relationship with his friends to communicate your needs through them
  3. He will be annoyed by intense emotional approach. Show your affection and jealousy lightly, if possible, with joke

Wanna be Lion but only a cat

Characteristic: He wants to be aggressive and strong, but he is a sensitive around-30’s nice boy at heart

Habitat: Shibuya, Omotesando

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. Delicate and free spirited, he may wander the streets like a cat. Let him be and just wait till he comes back
  2. His mask as strong carnivorous man might come off to show his sensitive cuddly self as a cat. Accept him and comfort him then he will open his heart to you
  3. He may seem unreliable at times but don’t criticize his manhood

Herbivore J-boys

Sparkly Otomen

Characteristic: Loves sweet cutie stuff!

Habitat: Cafe and boutiques

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. Collect and share information on sweets and fashion and invite him to come along on your girlie pleasure trip!
  2. He is bit of masochist, so show your strength and aggressiveness to get his heart
  3. Fashionable Otomen loves his girls in the newest fashion! watch out on what you wear on your date with him

IT-nerdy good boy

Characteristic: He is pure, nice, and bit naive but he can take IT like nobody

Habitat: museums and science labs

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. He does not have good sense in fashion/presents/restaurants. Through out your high expectation for romantic date
  2. Extremely logical and rational, even in his every-day conversation. Just let him talk and nod and show you agree
  3. Strategic and calculative, he always thinks with logic. Show that you also share the character, that you think of future and know that you need him for then!

Otaku (people with obsessive interests, anime, manga, and video games)

Characteristics: His own little world is the most important of all

Habitat: His home, Akihabara

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. If you want to spend time with him, you have to share HIS world. Find something you like in his world and sneak in there
  2. Do not expect to go out for fun dates because his territory is very small. Get used to his routines and be happy in his world
  3. He is just not comfortable with communicating with women. Rather than direct communication, approach him with sms, chats and emails

Work-life-balanced prince

Characteristics: Well-rounded nice guy

Habitat: Organic restaurants, gourmet supermarkets

And if your target belongs to this category you can get him by…

  1. He is interested in information to enrich his life. Talk to him about recipes, good-value supermarkets and vegetable garden
  2. He prioritizes work-life-balance with good QOL. Show that you also share his value and shoe your well-roundedness
  3. Not absorbed into his work, so you should stay away from work-related topics in his private time

1 Response to "J-boys guide"

Why does it seem like the women often has to hide or give up parts of themselves and their personalities to get the guy they want? It just seems really sad ;_;

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