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These days…

Posted on: February 25, 2010

I’m sure you’ve all noticed it: I’ve lost interest in PARTICIPATING in  Tokyo meet market.

It’s been a long time since I last went to a gokon, or engaged in text message flirtation, or try to set it all up to make a Japanese guy ask me out. It just didn’t work out for me.

Personally, I don’t find Tokyo Meet Market stimulating or attractive for my personal romantic interests. I guess I have to admit that I tried but it just wasn’t for me. And it seems to work both ways. The Tokyo Meet Market doesn’t seem to need me as I don’t demand anyone from the TMM.

I’ve asked around for advices and opinion, why it didn’t work for me. Am I not Japanese enough? Is my English-fluency, or my career and background, or the place of residence too intimidating? Do I not fit in the scene? I’ve been told by my female friends that I may come across too tough. Japanese men aren’t impressed by “sexiness,” “attitude,” and “confidence” as the Western men. If and only if I can find a way to hide them away in a little box and focus on being impressed by a guy, instead of impressing them… I will find a Japanese guy wanting to make me their girlfriend. And then they would buy me gifts and take me out on dinners and ask me to cook for them on weekend nights and let me clean their apartment.

… great. sounds fantastic.

Japanese boys… I never really understood them and probably will never understand them. I give up on you guys but will be watching over from a far. I must go on, because there are so much more to explore around the world and I cannot focus on this little island until I unfold the secrets of mysterious Japanese culture.

adieu et bon chance to them.

I will, though, continue to research about the Tokyo Meet Market from secondary resources, as I have been recently updating you guys with social studies, online survey results, and magazine articles. I am still here, close by Tokyo Meet Market and I will keep my eyes and ears open to observe and analyze this unusual people. I think they are still very interesting as sociological perspective. So I hope you keep enjoying my blog posts!

1 Response to "These days…"

All very interesting. I’m a foreign guy in Tokyo and have noticed these patterns. Women do tend to seem more confident and are actually better at eye-contact than men, it seems, not just in the youth scene but in the business one as well. Even men in their 30s seem to shy away from eye contact. I miss that as well, I wish they would be more overt in their staring instead of those perpetual sly glances…

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