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Battle against Jun-Japanese (pure-Japanese) girls

Posted on: January 25, 2010

Recently, the hot topic among my friends are the unpopularity of fashionable, successful, intelligent, beautiful Kikokushijo (returnees) among Japanese men. It seems there are plenty of these ladies around me, who just cannot seem to attract Japanese men, without pretending to pull on a act of Jun-Japanese (pure-Japanese)

Whether the guy is a Kikokushijo or a jun-japanese, they seem to prefer the typical demure, proper, cute Japanese girls to outspoken, adventurous, successful Japanese girls.

Kikokushijo (帰国子女 or “repatriate children”) and are Japanese-language terms referring to the children of Japanese expatriates who take part of their education outside of Japan.The term is used to refer to children who have returned to Japa. They are referred to in English variously as “sojourn children” or “returnees”

While Jun-japanese (“pure Japanese”) refer to those Japanese who have never left Japan for more than a short period of time for travel or vacation, thus likely to have traditional Japanese thinking and attitude. Often criticized by Kikokushijo for their narrow-minded, closed thinking towards the other world – including fear for foreign language, lack of interest in international politics, and lack of taste in music/movies/theater

I was recently shocked to realize that, in fact, all of my guy friends are dating Jun-Japanese girls. There is the successful banker guy who was BORN in the UK and spent all his life in London, just moved to Tokyo for the first time last year. He’s a fascinating guy with great vision of the world and so much experience to share. Nothing should intimidate him, for someone with great education and status! but yet, immediately arriving in Tokyo, he starts dating a Jun-Japanese girl who praises him and admires him but not share anything of his experience in the UK, never mind about dancing to Chemical brothers or sing “Champaign Supernova”

He is not the only one, there are about 20 guys around me, with similar background in the abroad, with successful career and great taste in music and knows how to have fun on Friday nights. And they are all dating the similarly quiet, demure, humble Japanese girls who praises them for their fluency in English and their experience in abroad. And what makes it worse is that they would NEVER introduce their girlfriends to their friends. They never come out on Friday nights to a bar with them, saying “she doesn’t drink” or “she would be intimidated by us speaking English.” So we have great times, drinking beer debating about politics and economy, singing the new songs of Black Eyed Peas and nostalgic songs of Oasis, guessing how the new season of 24 is going to be…. and they go home happy to spend Saturday lunch at a cute cafe in Omotesando with their Japanese girlfriends.

Yes, yes, I know. At the end of the day, men prefer to be praised and admired by women then have a great partner of his match, challenging him and stimulating his intelligence. They would prefer watching TV together, having served beer, than to watch the Prison Break and debate about conspiracy theory in the US government.

But still! This is so disappointing… I really feel betrayed. I can imagine how Kikokushijo would intimidate Jun-Japanese men but why do Kikokushijo boys also choose Jun-Japanese girls over us???

4 Responses to "Battle against Jun-Japanese (pure-Japanese) girls"

When Japanese guys go to the west, they are unlikely to have a relationship with foreign women. Both cultures have prejudices against the other. Japanese men view western women as strong and intimidating. Western women view Asian men as unattractive. Both cultures consider it to be the man’s role to approach a woman. Even if a Japanese guy living abroad wants to pursue a foreign women, he has to overcome the language barrier. Because of this, far fewer Japanese men living abroad have relationships with western women, then Japanese women do men. As such, the notions of what a proper relationship are remain unchallenged for kikokushijo men.

Your post speaks of kikokushijo men who like good music and know how to party. This is what they have learned from their sojourn abroad. The prejudices against empowered women remain, and as such they don’t see the qualities of kikokushijo women as particular attractive.

The other thing is, even if having a partner who is his intellectual equal is an attractive trait, it is just that, a single trait. While this quality can be very important to kikokushijo women, I think kikokushijo (or western) men have many other qualities they would put above it. Assuming this is the case, there are far more many jun-Japanese women then kikokushijo women, and as such, from a statistical perspective, are more likely to possess the other more important qualities that make them better candidates for relationships.

hahahaha i LOVED this post

so many of the foreign girls i meet up here in hokkaido have started to worry about `trying to be more japanese` so that they can meet boys. i dont know if the boys in hokkaido are more intimidated / traditional than the ones down south, but it seems to have been working… i was kind of shocked

Fascinating stuff.

Japan girl does have its own beauty compared with other girls in the world and Japanese society always use the time well … i like this

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