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I realize I haven’t written a post for almost a month now. sorry-!!!
it’s because my moteki has arrived, it’s now, it’s here and I don’t have the time to analyze.
First of all, what is moteki.

In Japan, it is said that every person experiences 3 moteki in a life time.
Moteki is a period of life where you attract opposite sex like crazy
where ever you go, who ever it is, whenever it is, you attract the opposite sex
this is the time of your life to just be single, meet guys, and see what your worth is

I’ve researched about moteki and there is actualy psychological explanation that explains moteki
and I agree with it…
apparently, since you get a lot of attentio from many people
and you enjoy the casual interaction that you lose obsession for each one of them
usually when a girl gets into a guy, she stresses about text message and phone calls from the guy
and she gets in a vicious cycle of wanting more, but not getting enough, so giving too much, and wanting more
but when you are in moteki, you just relax and give each guy a change therefore not stressing about any
this gives you a relaxed atmosphere, that you are just enjoying life and everyone wants peice of you to enjoy the life with you

hehehe, I think I can say I am in moteki.
since I broke up with my boyfriend last month, (sorry I didnt write about him but I have a policy of not writing about serious boyfriends in the blog) I have been meeting new guys every week, first dates and kisses every week. I dont’t even tell my friends because it’s even hard for me to keep on track of who’s who. Unfortunately, moteki goes on until I find the one and settle for a while, and so far no luck. I have met and gone on dates with a Japanese architect, a Mexican lawyer, a German consultant, a Japanese banker, a Japanese doctor, a French web desinger, and a Japanese web engineer…. in 3 weeks.

Some of them have interesting stories to tell, some failed me miserably, some of them bounces my heartbeat… but I will keep track, it’s not about individual stories, it’s about this phase of life that I have to live, apparently.

So I’ve been quite busy keeping up with my moteki life, let me live it as it is, without analysis and I will let you know how it went when I survive! cuz it’s not all hearts and sparkles and birds singing when a single girls goes on so many first dates! it’s more like a battle field, you know what I mean!


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