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How does everyone feel about Konkatsu?

Posted on: May 14, 2009

The media is going crazy about Konkatsu since the TV show “Konkatsu” has aired. As you can see from introduction of many konkatsu related products that I have introduced in this blog, Konkatsu is really becoming the hot topic of Japanese pop culture these days.

In my opinion, this is all planned and conspired by government as countermeasures against Japan’s decreasing birth rate. The government must have conspired to create konkatsu frenziness, making konkatsu more widely acceptable, more popular and trendy activity for the Japanese youth to get involved. That’s what I think. The only way to fight against nearing extinction of Japanese race is to encourage the Japanese youth to meet eachother, get married, mate, and have children. The only way the Japanese youth would be encouraged to do so, is to have the media tell them “EVERYONE is doing it, you have to get started too!” Yes, Japanese people love anything if  “everyone is doing it”

So how is the media doing? How convinced are Japanese youth of konkatsu so far?

Here is a result of the poll taken by SUNMARIE CORPORATION, marriage consultation service company. About 200 Japanese youths participated in the poll during April 2009.

konkatsu poll

I was surprised to see the above result of the poll. Men are much more likely to welcome konkatsu. Hmmm it really shows that women, somehow, still want to win their happiness without hunting for marriage. They want to be pursued by men with passion and romance. But for men, konkatsu is an efficient way to meet the candidates for future wife.


1 Response to "How does everyone feel about Konkatsu?"

Very interesting website. I am learning alot just browsing your posts…

By the way, an offhand question, though it may be related. Recently, this korean boyband is becoming really popular in apan 9t(hey already have 110,000 registered fanclub members – most of them who are 20-60 year old women, majority are middle aged) I noticed that MANY of the shows they go on, talk about how much more romantic Korean men are compared to Japanese men. It might be because korean soaps are so much more mushy than any japanese dramas I have seen, and I often notice how awkward romantic scenes get in j-dramas.

Its due to this manly, romantic, funny, caring image these boys have (and I used to be a huge fan of them because of it – it was really refreshing change from Johnnys, although I discovered them when they were huge in Korea) that has Japanese women CRAZY about them.

The phenomenon is big enough that it made johnnys ent reconsider their ban on the band on Music Station. Apparently, their popularity in Asia and Japan is enough to hurt Johnny’s image if they keep being rivals with them (in the underhanded sense). Actually recently i heard that yamapi’s sister is their fan now, and so is his mom! PDs of many of shows they have been on blog about attending their concerts and stuff too O_O

Once koda kumi went on a show with them and they were talking about dating and Koda complained how unromantic japanese guys are when it comes to dating etc. She said she would marry a korean man any day (and this was the first time I had ever heard of this since I am neither japanese nor korean)

I was just shocked about it earlier…but now I am staring to understand why.

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