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Proud to be a t-rex

Posted on: April 24, 2009

Remember when I wrote about the “meat-eating girls” and “grass-eating boys” back in February? (if not please see News alart! Increasing population of “Grass-eating boys” ) Since these terminologies were introduced to the society, it’s become hot words of the season. Everywhere I go, in parties, izakayas (Japanese bars), gokon, and office drinking, people talk about thier own love life using these terminologies…

“She is such a ‘meat-eating girl,’ she goes to gokon every week trying to get herself a boyfriend!”

“Oh stop being such a ‘grass-eating boy,’ that’s why you haven’t dated for 2 years now. Get over your ex and go out there like a wolf!”

“Eversince I got a girlfriend, I don’t have the motivation to go out anymore… I’m totally becoming ‘grass-eater'”

“Would you say you are a ‘meat-eater’ or ‘grass-eater’?

If I remember correctly, last year, we had a similar type of categorization that became very popular… it was about whether one is S (Sado) or M (Maso). It became very popular among youngsters to talk about whether one is S or M. It wasn’t really about sexuality they were talking about, but more about life styles and dating style, defining masochism entirely in terms of control. They even sold T-shirts that says “I am M” or “I am S”… you see, Japanese people like to categorize themselves. There is always some hot topic of categorization in the society at any time… sometimes it’s S&M, sometimes it’s by blood type, or the type of job you do, or style of fashion. They love categorizing themselves and identifying the group they belong to. Why??? It’s because Japan is a country of homogeneous population. Most people here are 100% Japanese by blood, with the same black hair and brown eyes, speak Japanese, learned the same stuff under one educational system, watch same TV and practice no religion. We are all the same…. so, to make things bit more exciting and to create some differences and find distinction, we have to categorize ourselves using certain parameters.

Anyways, right now, Japanese youngsters are crazy about categorizing themselves into “grass-eaters” (not-agressive in attracting the opposite sex) and “meat-eaters” (agressive in attracting the opposite sex).

Lastnight, I went out with bunch of Japanese boys. Well, it wasn’t a gokon or anything, I know all of them pretty well and we were just casually drinking to celebrate approaching weekend lol As we start to get drunk, we started to talk about the recent updates in our love life, and of course, one of the guys started the hot topic by asking “would you say you are a ‘grass-eater’ or a ‘meat-eater?” The 4 boys regarded themselves as “grass-eaters” and they were proud to be “grass-eaters.”

Then I noticed, that guys think it’s cool to be a “grass-eater.” If a man can say that he is a “grass-eater,” it means that he gets a lot of girls attention without trying, that he is Don Juan who doesn’t need to pursue women.  “I’m not agressive, I don’t try hard, I’m just chilling out but somehow, girls love me” is the attitude they had when they talked about how vegetarian they are these days!!! They even started to debate which one of them loves eating the veggies the most but at the same time gets girls…

Boy 1: “no, I think I’m more of a ‘grass-eater’ then you are, I haven’t even been to gokon fsince last year!”

Boy 2: “Oh stop it,I’m more “grass-eater” then you, I don’t even have a girlfriend but you do”

Boy 1: “I didn’t try to pursue her though, she came on to me. I was a complete gentleman with her. I’m totally a ‘grass-eateting kind’….”

“So what about you?” they asked me. “Are you a ‘grass-eating kind’ or a ”meat eating kind’?”

And I said… “Oh, I’m a total ‘meat-eater,’ totally….  I know what I want, at least I know I don’t want some veggie loving feminine men… I’m as ‘meat-eater’ as T-rex and I’m proud to be a T-rex” wink** 😉



2 Responses to "Proud to be a t-rex"

Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your posts.

I thought your analysis on the need for Japanese people to group themselves was very interesting. I am from the Indian subcontinent, so I think I can understand a bit, but in an opposite sense. Because our society in that region is full of so many cultures, languages (not accents or dialects — completely different languages written and spoken in different regions and provinces), religions (Muslim, Hindu and the many different types of worshippers in Hinduism, Buddhist, Christian converts) and different colored people. And they are not migrants but have been living in those areas for centuries in harmony.

South Asia is where you can say everything blends together. Because just a few hours drive can completely change the look of the people (some look more ‘asian’ with beautiful round eyes, while others are very fair with colored eyes, to very dark with curly hair, to medium toned brown).

So I can imagine how boring it would be to live somewhere where everyone looks the same…

Isn’t it strange how we all want to be the same, yet we don’t? How we appreciate diversity, yet we are scared of it? I am sure that is why Japanese people get moe interested in a foreign looking star, yet….do they really want foreigners in their country?

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