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Day 75: laziness in TMM

Posted on: March 18, 2009

I apologize for more than 10 days of silence…

A lot happened in the 10 days…
What have I seen, Where have I been to…

I’ve had 1 gokon night in the korean BBQ, a white day gokon-party, and a girls night out in Shinbashi, a business men district. Yeah, they were all fun in its own ways and I’ve got some stories to tell. but something is making me feel bit tired. It’s like no matter how much I try, I will never really “get it”… the shallowness of the conversation, the fake laughs and flatteries girls give to guys, the pretentious egoism the guys show off to girls,…. and the dissapointments my girlfriends feel after all that they tried…

Anyways, the spring is coming and things has to change, right? and there’s a lot more to come with the cherry flowers in Tokyo blooming up. Spring is time for meeting new people, everyone is going to be looking for someone to love, and I will have much more to write about….



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What is Tokyo Meet Market?

From the Western perspective, what goes on in the Japanese dating scene is really different and interesting! In this shy nation of Japan, meeting new people is almost institutionalized, dating and romance is littered with conventions that protect people from social awkwardness. What are dating conventions and rules in Japan? How do the shy Japanese people meet new people, develop affection, and express their passion? As I research and answer these question, I will write a real time report of what's going on in the Tokyo dating scene, or the "Tokyo Meet Market" here in this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and a trip around Tokyo Meet Market with me!

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  • is so sad to go to farewell party of her bestfriend leaving to the US. Another beautiful funny successful girl leaving Tokyo!! 8 years ago
  • Ate a bowl of toshomen for lunch, super delicious! Check it out: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g314410/ 8 years ago
  • getting warmer in Tokyo! The spring is just around the corner which means... love in the air! 8 years ago
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