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Day 65: Nanpa experience in a bar

Posted on: March 7, 2009

For all this time, I have been saying that Japanese men usually don’t chat up women but I’ve had a nanpa experience tonight, so I have to write this down as an evidence that men do chat up women.

On a Friday night, out in a crowded standing bar, waiting for my girl friends to arrive, I was drinking a gin tonic and people watching.

Then comes a guy, who is 20-something looking, spiky hair, and a little taller than me. He stands next to me and says “Are you alone?” and I raise my shoulders as a sign of “may be, may be not” and I sip my gin tonic. “Are your friends here yet?” and I look at the time and say “not yet.” “So… what are you doing… now… I mean, tonight, after this” I’m gonna meet up with my friends and go out. “oh, ok” silence… “what’s your name?” and I give out a random name and he tells me his… “You can speak English, can’t you?” somhow, he said that eventhough I hadn’t used any English. “I speak English too, Good evening What’s your name? do you prefer to talk inEnglish or Japanese?” so I answred “Which ever is good, I can speak both.” and then he freaked out. Apprarently, he wanted to show off that he can speak English to impress me. He didn’t expect that I would be able to speak English, better than him. He changes back to Japanese and said “Oh, well, I said I can speak English but I personally prefer Japanese”… “ok, ” I said and sipped gin tonic, almost empty now. He stood there as if he is waiting for something more, until I put on a jacket and left the bar to meet my friends in the station nearby.

Well, there you go. Some Japanese men do chat up girls, but, well, apparently, not as smoothly as it is done in other countries. But it happened, and I experienced it, so I write it down.


2 Responses to "Day 65: Nanpa experience in a bar"

this is great! I was always interested in Japanese culture but as you say, it’s hard to get into Japanese society and really see it myself. Your blog let me take a peek into Japanese dating scenes! thanks!

Interesting, it looks to me that the Japanese males are uncomfortable being outdone by their female counterparts.

This is a great blog you got here; insightful, informative, and completely random yet relevant.

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