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Day 64: hangovered from konkatsu philosophy talk

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Yes, I had over 5 cocktails lastnight, but that’s not why I did not get up this morning. It’s just I’m really reluctant to get up and join the Japanese society this morning. I’m a little hangovered from the lastnight’s nomikai #6

Everywhere in the world, there are women who search for men with nice bling bling.

Whatever the reason, experts say that at our core, there’s one reason we find wealthy men attractive: instinct. Women, research shows, rank the ability to provide as the most important quality when selecting a mate. Men, not surprisingly, prize a woman’s looks and youthfulness over her other qualities, because those are indicators of fecundity. It’s all about finding the best person to breed with. As it turns out, we’re all just slaves to our prehistoric urges, even in an era when none of those millenniums-old rules would seem to apply… A 2006 study done through the University of Chicago shows that men who post online profiles indicating income of $250,000 a year generate significantly more contacts (up to 151% more) than those who make under $50,000… (Is Money an Aphrodisiac?, Kris Frieswick, MSN Money, July 4, 2008)

I’m not denying the fact that money is a turn on for women, especially the older you get. But perhaps, smart sophisticated youngsters in the Western country are more subtle about it. For example, instead of saying “rich” we might want to think, “fiscally responsible” – which is someone who has appreciated their money and invested it well in retirement and other means. And as far as I know, all of my girl friends back in the US were proud of their career and proud to be independent. Status, salary, wealth, sure are some of several factors that would make the opposite sex attractive, but women don’t go out and purposely look for a rich man and blatantly admit that they are checking the price tags and brand labels when choosing their partner.

Why are Japanese people so strategic about konkatsu? How come they don’t know how to enjoy romance? Why do they ignore love? Why are they so reluctant in romance and love from such an early age? Why can’t Japanese people just enjoy being young in the 20’s and live life as they want to. Why the hell do they all want to get married?



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