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Day 62: After 2 months in TMM…

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Originally I was not going to add this category of “diary” but after 2 months in the Tokyo Meet Market, I really feel the need to start a section for “diary” where I can freely express my opinion without bothering to categorize the articles or be objective about everything.

Why? Because I’m starting to feel a little tired, after just 2 months in the Tokyo Meet Market and I even feel, may be, finally, it’s not possible for me to be a member of Tokyo Meet Market because I am different and they know it, whether I try to behave Japanese or not.

To really enter Japanese dating scene, one must be its true member. If you are a foreigner, or if you are not “100% Japanese”, you gotta study and know about Japan and Japanese culture and customs!  Making an effort with the conventions, morals, and traditions goes a long way in getting a Japanese date.

Originally, I thought I could fool them by pretending to be “a normal Japanese woman who had grown up in Japanese society and works as a normal Japanese OL (office lady)” but I am realizing more and more, that people can tell that I’m not “one of them” from my attitude, fashion, eye contact,… etc. and finally, this is the reason I cannot write a date report for second date.

At the same time Japanese people are fascinated by “foreign” people, ideas, and languages, they are also intimidated by things that are “foreign.” Especially when the men in the 20’s during konkatsu activity, they are not looking for an interesting, fascinating partner. They are looking for a potential wife who will cook for him and take care of the house and children. In order for me to really enter the TMM, then what I must begin with, is not the rules of text messages and gokon, but what it is to be Japanese…



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From the Western perspective, what goes on in the Japanese dating scene is really different and interesting! In this shy nation of Japan, meeting new people is almost institutionalized, dating and romance is littered with conventions that protect people from social awkwardness. What are dating conventions and rules in Japan? How do the shy Japanese people meet new people, develop affection, and express their passion? As I research and answer these question, I will write a real time report of what's going on in the Tokyo dating scene, or the "Tokyo Meet Market" here in this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and a trip around Tokyo Meet Market with me!

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