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Meat-eating girls: women who hunt men

Posted on: February 19, 2009

Nikushokukei Joshi, or literally, “meat-eating girls” are women in the 20’s who tend to be aggressive toward men, love, sex, and, marriage. The population of meat-eating girls increase as the population of “Soshokukei Danshi, “grass-eating boys” increases.

There are 3 categories of meat-eating girls:

1) Romance loving girls:

Women who are no longer waiting for her “prince” anymore, but aggressive in finding him.

Ex. sleeping beauty waking up to the alarm she set, gulp down a large cup of starbucks coffee with a cigarette, climbs down the tower and walks out of the forest of briars out to the nearest town, finds the prince and brings him back to the castle on her pet dragon!

2) “Grass-eating boys” hunter:

Women who strategically and passionately pursue the “grass-eating boys”

Ex. Little red riding hood hunting the vegetarian wolves for her dinner to be served with a bottle of red wine!

3) Sex and the city followers:

Women who are not afraid to admit that they want good sex and seek for good sex. They tend to worship notoriously promiscuous Somantha from Sex and the City and attempt to be the Japanese version of  Somantha.

Ex. Somantha attending gokon bringing back the boys home for desert!


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