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News alart! Increasing population of “Grass-eating boys”!?

Posted on: February 17, 2009

On the morning of February 17th, the day of my very first day with genuine 100% Japanese boy in Yurakucho, I woke up at 7am and washed my hair. I decided to curl my hair and style it perfectly for my memorable first date. I took the blow dryer and styling gel and turned on the TV to catch up with the Japanese news for a change, instead of the usual BBC, in case the news would give me some topics of conversation for the date.

I decided to watch the news on Fuji TV and started to blow dry my hair.

Then suddenly, when my hair was getting somewhat dry and curly, I saw a news banner with a title
“The increasing population of Grass-eating boys

A what? Grass-eating boys?
I had to stop the dryer to listen more! What ever this grass-eating boy is, it’s important enough to be on the 8am national news!

It seemed that the term “Grass-eating boys” is new enough to the Japanese society that the newscaster gave some time to define the word at first, and he was quite amused to give the definition of the term.

Soshokukei danshi, or literally, “Grass-eating boys” are men in the 20’s who tend to:

  • be not aggressive toward women, love, and sex
  • be friendly, considerate, and co-operative but not interested in romance
  • would engage in activities with women, shopping  to traveling, but would not develop romantic relationship
  • would sleep next to women but would not actively engage in sexual relationship
  • prefer cocktails than beer
  • prefer being at home than going out
  • be fashion conscious
  • to conscious about ecology-friendly
  • eat little, drink little, and weigh little

“In another words, they are gay” is what I was expecting to hear, but apparently, they are straight! They like women, they don’t desire men, but they don’t need women! “In another words, they are angels”!?

The news went on to talk about the increasing population of “meat-eating girls” as the population of “grass-eating boys” increase. And you can probably imagine what this word means! Yep, it’s the type of women who aggressively approaches men because…. well, because men are no longer approaching women. The 4 characters of Sex and the City, would probably be the muse of this “meat-eating girls,” the news caster reported…

This news on the increasing population of “Grass-eating boys” was on a national news because this phenomenon is starting to have social and economical impact in Japan.  According to the news, appropriately 30% of Japanese men in the 20’s feel reluctant to engage in relationship because it is too much work and pain. Similarly, 30% of Japanese men in the 20’s are reluctant to invest financially to develop relationship with the opposite sex, meaning they would rather not spend money on flowers, dates, dinner, and gifts to woo women.  Therefore, almost 70% of the Japanese men in the 20’s choose to stay in when they have dates with their girlfriends.

The increase of these feminine, sensitive, lazy boys could potentially pose national threat to the Japanese nation.
Japan is already facing problem of declining birthrate because of sexless, childless couples.
The increase of “grass eating boys” has the potential of worsening the issue by further declining the marriage rate and birthdate… which is only to be stopped by the emerging number of Nikushokukei Joshi, or literally, “meat-eating girls”

Apparently, the articles in girls fashion magazine for the spring ’09 focus primarily on how to effectively “hunt men,” aggressively approach men, and how to confess the love without shocking the men… Good luck girls, I just hope you don’t find out that your boyfriend turns out to be gay after all the effort, money, and time you invested in catching him!

Sigh… my hair did turn out to be styled perfectly… but suddenly I am starting to get worried about my date tonight.
At the gokon I met him, wasn’t his first drink a pink grapefruit cocktail when I was holding beer mug filled with icy cold beer?


4 Responses to "News alart! Increasing population of “Grass-eating boys”!?"

Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

[…] of all the interesting stuff that I found on her blog, the most interesting was the phenomenon of “grass-eating boys” and “meat-eating girls.” As she explains, this is the hot new thing in Japan right now; people classify themselves as […]

you’re going to find these types of guys in Tokyo when it has such a big population (13m)!

save a marriage alone

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