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5 golden rules in writing text messages

Posted on: February 17, 2009

I have translated and edited the 5 golden rules on writing text message to a man that I found pretty educational.
So here they are

  1. The title of the mail counts, give it a good title. The receiver of the mail already develop impression on you when he first sees the title of the mail. Give your mail a fun, interesting, happy title to make him excited to read it. Even if you are replying to his mail, don’t just give it “Re:” By giving the mail new title, he will feel that you care about your interaction with him.
  2. Give him strong impression of you by inserting your name at least once. Start your mail with lines like “Morning, this is Jane!” “Hey, it’s me Jane, how are you?”  and finish the mail with “from Jane” to burn your name in his mind
  3. Address his name at least once so he feels more intimacy from the mail
  4. Don’t ask for him to reply, but make him reply by always posing 1 simple question that is easy and quick for him to reply. Question such as “What did you eat for dinner?” “Any interesting movie you saw recently” would make him want to reply to the question
  5. Make it short and light, but impactful and expressive! Men do not appreciate receiving long pointless mails, sometimes it will cause him unwanted stress to read it, and to reply with message as long and informative as the one he received. Instead, keep it short and light, keep it simple, but express your affection by using light flirtatious phrases and emoji (the smileys, remember?)

Now! you can write the most favorable yet striking email he’s ever received and win his heart LoLtitle_04

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